Manage a sticky section

Hello WeWeb community,

I need help on something :
I’ve added a sticky section to display some links to my social media so people can see them during their reading.

However, the section overlap with my footer bar… How can I setup “a barrier” so I’m sure the sticky section never goes over another specified section ?

I hope I’m clear with this message, do not hesitate to ask question if I’m not !

Have a great day,

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Can you try this on the footer?

Hello Joyce,

Thanks for your answer and your tips !

However, with this setting, the sticky section disappear under the footer… Is there any option to keep it visible, but without the permission to go on the footer section ?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Arthur,

Maybe you can try adding a bottom margin to your sticky section so it kind of locks in when you reach the bottom of the page like I did here.

Does that work for you?

If not, can you share a link to the editor so I can have a look?