Login with authToken (MagicLink)

Thanks for this everyone, especially @kevinwasie :blush: I was able to get the javascript to successfully set the token in the plugin.

However I’m facing an error upon running the fetch user action. Wondering if anyone else ran into this.

After running the JS, I see the token properly set:

When I then run the Fetch User action I receive this 400:

Additionally, after the fetch user action fails, the token variable gets nulled out:


P.S. I’m actually not doing this for the sake of magic link - I’m doing it because the actual xano login action appears to be broken so I’ve resorted to using a request action to hit my login endpoint

False alarm! Was a small misconfiguration in my get/me endpoint. Fixed and now have the plugin fully populated with user data.

Many thanks!

Can you give another try with the xano auth social login as you fixed your endpoint configuration ?

noob question.

Where do I find the id for the context.workflow reference?

Hi, you can use the custom javascript action, click on the result variable, it will add it on your javascript function

But you can use any action requiring a formula and turn on the javascript mode for the same result.

Thank you @Alexis! I knew it was going to be something simple that I overlooked.

Appreciate the help. :raised_hands: