Loader for changing filters

I have a front end filter on a collection list in Weweb that is fairly slow to load and to respond. Is it possible to have a loader for when the collection list is being filtered? The collection is already fetched and no data is changing.

I understand this could be done by making each filter a different API and setting the loader to each collection. But I have it set up this way and would rather not go through re-doing it.

Hi @RCS :wave:

Yes, you could add a loader element on the page:

Then, you could bind its display property to the collection’s isFetching variable:

Does that help?

Hi Joyce, I’m not talking about when the collection is fetching, but when a filter is being applied that filters out an already fetched collection.

The filter doesn’t change the API call and therefore the collection isn’t fetching and this doesn’t work.

Hi @RCS, could you record a short video for me where you show the number of items in the collection and how that collection is filtered?

In theory, if your data is already in the page, the filter should be instantaneous and wouldn’t require a loader so I’d like to know more :slight_smile:

Here is a loom link.

Hi @RCS curious to learn how you made it work in the end?