Library Import with Dynamic Values ( Colors, Fonts )

We’re starting with WeWeb and are testing with WeWeb Starter Kit library. We’ve multiple projects, so imported that library in all of them. Now the problem is, each of our product need all the components - but with different colors & fonts - as we use different colors for each of our product. And same for fonts.

Is it possible to share library components with projects, but with dynamic color & font variable? So, we can set different color & font variable in each project - with same elements.


Hi @saurabhblogbing :wave:

So sorry for the late reply. I drafted it and forgot to hit “reply” :sweat_smile:

For the font if you select the default it will fallback to the default font in the project but for the colors I think you’ll need to add props to the component.

What I would do is:

  • Add props for the colors in the component in the “master project”
  • When using that component in other projects, bind the colors to the current project colors

Does that make sense?