Kanban Component for Other Purposes

Hello! Has anyone used the Kanban component for anything other than the kanban layout? For example, using it to drag and drop items in a list, or found a way to do drag and drop without the kanban component?

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Pretty sure you can use the stack elements from the kanban without the actual kanban layout. But I’ll let @Alexis answer this one as he developed this element :wink:


I tried it out and it does work :heart_eyes:


Yes, I’ve used it for a bunch of other purposes, including a custom calendar, quiz/evaluation builder, and more. It’s a very helpful component!


@kyanaloe I’d be super interested to see these use-cases in action!

@Quentin , I’d be happy to show you if you want to set up a Zoom or something

I’d like to be a fly on the wall for that

Yes. I’m using the Kanban for some other purpose to allow for sorting of order :heart_eyes: beautiful and works!

Can you perhaps share a screenshot of your kanban calendar? Did you manage to create different view like week and month?