Issue to connect to local server

I’d lauch node.js server locally :

But i can’t connect weweb to it :

Seems localhost is not responding :

Sorry but i’m not dev, i just have little experience in code.

Did you allowed invalid certificates for localhost in chrome?

More info in the “development process” section of the docs.

Yes, i allowed it

With flags chrome://flags or Advanced settings?

can you get https://localhost:8080/manager.js from chrome? If not do you have any error in the dev tools?

I have modified parameters in chrome://flags and yes, i have acces to https://localhost:8080/manager.js :

In your first screenshot it says that it’s a problem of certificates.
Check chrome flags, try reloading the dev editor and fill the plugin name.
If it doesn’t work you can try checking the dev tools and see what error you get.

In your usecase, you need to click on the “Validate certificate” button, and here accept the security exception.
All our component are served in https, and because the certificate is generated on a dev element, you need to accept it manually each time you start to dev locally.

Yes, i did it. It’s when i click on it that i have “Cannot Get /” page.

This is normal, then your element should load properly inside the dev editor

This is what i see after :

  • Click on “validate certificate”
  • See “Cannot Get /” page

Still “Connection to server failed” and i don’t know how to add my component in dev editor at this point.