Is there any way to make Kanban (VueDraggable) horizontal direction?

Hello, I’ve been using a hack where I set the sortable instance to flex, and row, this way it took the orientation of horizontal (the sortable library that is underlying detects direction by default), but after the last update, I actually get it to break my layout. Since I’m using custom CSS to force the “horizontal” state, I’m wondering, wheher it’s possible to set this somehow in the Vue instance itself.

I just checked the ww-stack and if I’m not mistaken it would literally require one :bound-property (:direction) and one setting in the ww-config to make this possible. Do you think this would be a tiny feature you could add someday? @aurelie @Alexis ? In my opinion, this would open way too many new possibilities for the people to use kanban, with minimal effort, so it would be a win win.

I’d fork it myself, but I don’t have the workspace to do that for now. I’m wondering what changed though, because before the update, this approach seemed to work, and now it makes the layout just grow with every added item that is wrapped. Might it be a vuedraggable thing again?

Edit: I found the issue, it was my custom CSS (bruhhhh). I still think a direction setting would be a nice to have : )

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Sur, I will add it as an internal feature request so we can expose the stack element in the Add panel, maybe under a new term like “Draggable list” and add the horizontal/vertical property :slight_smile:

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That would be awesome :slight_smile: Thank you!

Edit: I’m wondering whether it would be a thing you could imagine, would it be possible to do something like dynamic attributes? For example the :direction could be bound via attributes? Because for example, I’ve tried disabling the “ghost” animation also, or overwrite it, but it didn’t work, as I was not able to set the attributes needed. What do you think @Alexis ?

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I assume this does not exist yet?? (I can’t find it)

It would be super useful to have a horizontal version of the Kanban stack … :pray: