Images not showing on mobile in editor/editor preview

Is anyone else not able to view the images they’ve uploaded when viewing mobile version through editor/editor preview?

Perhaps I’m making a mistake and this is my user error? maybe it has to do with the fact that we’ve linked a domain to the project? when we publish and view on our custom domain, the images appear.


I thought the slider element had somehow gotten corrupted, so I deleted the previous element and then added a new one. This resulted in the images showing.

However, when I got back to my desk ~2hrs later and refreshed WeWeb editor, the images are again not showing on mobile. It seems this might be another bug @Mael ? can you please advise?

appreciate all you guys are doing. WW is very powerful.

Hi @forgelab, to help you with the bug, could you send me the link to your editor in the chat?

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of course. just sent your way! thanks as always, @Mael :pray: