How to work with images?

why can’t I normally set the dimensions of my logo to indicate that it is 1.5 ram high and 100% wide so as not to shrink…??? (via custom css)

Can you share the custom css you tried to apply?

height: 1rem;
max-width: 100%;


It is true that you can not currently set rem for height, however you should be able to do that with CSS.

You can already set max width to 100% without CSS. You could use width:auto and max-width:100%. Then just add: height: 1rem as css. Please see my screenshot. Note: 1rem is about 16px;

So if you set the image width as above, the image will spread across the container its in, meaning the container that contains the image will define the width of the image.

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Yes, yes, that’s right! I understand what you’re talking about, I did it and I did the same thing as you in the screenshot. I actually want to use the height in my logo, which is svg and inserted through the image element, and the width is not 100% of the container, that is, so that it always scales normally and decreases and is not flattened by other elements…

I’m not sure if I understand what you mean by flattened. Here is a video with the above settings using an SVG image. Can you share your example?

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If you want to use original height of image that scales; you would need to use min height as the original height of the logo and height: auto

Here is an example of a logo with original 60px height that scales up. Width is set to auto:

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Thank you, I think it will help me…sorry for my English through translator… another question is can I upload a text file and write my css for global styles in it how can I do this? more precisely, how would it be better through embed or tag head?

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Great question! Here’s how you would add a css stylesheet to WeWeb: Add global css styles to your WeWeb project - YouTube :slight_smile: