How to use a custom component from a GitHub repo (disclaimer: complete noob here)

I had a developer create a custom component (a version of the data grid) and publish it to a private repository on GitHub. I’d like to test it myself.

Do I need to create a developer environment on my computer to use this locally if the code is already on GitHub? (downloading node.js, running a server, etc.?) I started to follow along the dev guide using my terminal (Mac), and then I received a prompt to download Node.js. I stopped it for now because I’m not sure that all of that is required.

if you just want to test the component and not develop it, you do not need to install something on your computer.
Go to your dashboard, then on the Component/Element tabs. Then click on the import button, and enter your repository info.

When the build is finished, to not forget to toggle the current version by clicking on it.

Then go to your editor, and open the dev tab. Search your component here, and drag and drop from here.

Customise the default style you want, and then for easier usage add it to your UI Kit.

Note: this is how we developped our own UI Kit :slight_smile:


@aurelie Thank you so much! I got it working. :nerd_face:

I didn’t realize the workspace was where I should have been looking—I was looking within my project settings.

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Quick note to the WeWeb team: it looks like someone else was a little confused here. It could be helpful to add @aurelie’s screenshots or just a sentence to the developer docs explaining where this is.

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