How to reset a select input


When a user has selected one of the options in a Select input field, is there a way to reset the Select input field (i.e. with a button) so that the placeholder text is displayed again?

In my app the user can selected a “client selection” or a “client”, but not both. When they select a “client selection”, the “client” field is disabled and vice versa.

So when they have selected a “client selection”, I’m displaying this:

So here the “client” field is now disabled.

I am allowing the user to remove their selection. So when they remove their selection, the Select input field is still showing the value they selected previously.

I would prefer the Select input field to show the placeholder text again.

Does anyone know how to reset this?


Hi @sampannemans

Create a clear button and add a workflow so that when a user clicks on the button, the workflow is triggered. In the workflow, you just have to reset the select input variable value to empty.

1 : create a clear button and add a workflow

2 : Workflow - on click, change or reset the dropdown variable to empty or leave it blank

Hope this will help you

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