How to filter collection per user id from auth0


I need to filter my table Activities per uid.

The collection is already imported as you can see here:

How can I do it? Should I use one of the functions from the editor?

I would like to reproduce this type of behavior:
select * from activities where uid == user[‘sub’]

Thank you very much!


Hello Sofiane!
This is a good question. You have two ways for doing this :

  1. Filter your collection (we like to call it “back-end filter”)
    You do it into your collection configuration, like this :point_down:
  • it is available for static & cached collections
  • the most secure way is cached, if you wish to provide premium data for example. It looks like it is your case.
  1. Filter your binding (we like to call it “front-end filter”)
    When you bind your collection list (your container), you add a formula to only select the items you wish. Like this :point_down:

Does that help? Tell us if you struggle with this :slight_smile:


Amazing! It works like a charm :blush:
Thank you Flo!

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