How to display <script> in HTML block

Hi there! Could you help me, fellows.

I can’t display a simple form in an html block in a modal window.

The script doesn’t run inside the published project

and remains as text. I use a simple html block and statically insert a script into it

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Anyone knows how to use external JS in Weweb? All my experience with working with external scripts in Weweb isn’t successful. JS works unpredictable, especially those that use the DOM. I can’t find any instructions and explanations from Weweb team in official documentation. I’ve got only recommendations to develop my own plugins. But this is beyond my knowledge as a nocoder. External plugins are executed as simply as possible, but not in Weweb.

Is there any idea about this?

External libraries, loaded as custom code, will not be available in the editor. They will be available in the published version though.

The simple scripts I’m trying to host don’t work in published applications. Scripts, both with and without variables.