How to decouple array from collection

On page load, I bind data to an array variable.

How do I then go about changing the array data?

For instance, I want to remove an item in the array. However, when I do this, it just resets itself and rebinds to the collection.

I need to manipulate the array after it is bound, and then not rebind it again.

May I ask you to do screenshots or a Loom video? I’m not sure I’m getting your issue sorry :pray:

Hi @kevinwasie ,
the easiest way is to create a variable of type array. Using a global/Page workflow you can initialize the value.
Then you bound your items to this variable.
Later you just need to update the variable, and the items will be updated automatically.
It’s what we call reactivity (we/Vue updates the data displayed when the variable change)

To update the variable, you need to use the Change Variable action.