How to create a timer in weweb?

Hi how to create a timer with weweb? And utilise start and stop timer in workflow

Hi Khairul,

It depends on your use case
The easiest way to create one, is to create an array with 25 value for a timer of 25 seconds for example. And you create a loop of this array with a time delay

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Could you say more about this process? I am really interested in building a timer.

Use a time delay action in the Workflow editor.

Thanks, @kevinwasie. I imagine I must be going something wrong. I created a workflow and alternated the “time delay” and “change variable value” actions to move the counter, which has made a very long workflow. I also don’t see any options to pause or reset that workflow once it has started. I’ve tried the reset values option, but it’s only worked once the workflow is already stopped.