How to change the div`background color when user is logged in?

Hi guys. I just want to change a color of a litlle block when the user is logged in.
Can you help me?
Thank you.

There is an example of data binding for css styles in the docs

Thank you Dorilama …Brasileiro? Legal!
Cara… não deu certo… sou iniciante, to aprendendo… mas não consegui mudar a cor de fundo de uma div quando o usuá faz login… Deve ser simples mas estou me situando ainda…

I’m not from Brasil :upside_down_face: if you want to change a color if a user is logged in just bind the color value with an expression for that.

Ow sorry :melting_face:. I thouth that because your nickname means “pain and mud”! - dor(pain) i(and) lama(mud). Ok, I understood, but I don`t know exactly how to do the expression and where to put it!! Could it be in a workflow?

that’s funny :rofl:

there is literally a tutorial about this in the docs I linked:

you just need to select the background color

once you add an auth method you will have the data to know if the user is authenticated

you have conditional formulas to help you building the logic.

This is all in the docs and in the example videos/academy, it’s useful to go through that

Ok, dear friend. THank you so much! I`m gonna watch this vídeos more times… Thank you!

for referece, one way to do this: