How do pass data from a list to a new page

I’m seeking help to understand how to pass data from a list that is clicked on to a new page that displays data from the item selected in the list.

For example, I have a list of restaurants on my home page. I’d like to have the user click on a restaurant and navigate to a new page that dynamically populates data based on the selected restaurant.

Does anyone have any pointers or links to articles that will help me solve this issue?

Thank you!

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Hi @jarryd :wave:

There are a couple of methods, assuming you are displaying data from a dynamic collection.

The first step for both methods is to create a workflow on click on the container of the first repeated item.

Then you have two options:

  1. you could have a workflow action to change an object variable where you update the variable with the current item information. See this video tutorial.
    2 or you could have a workflow action to change page to a dynamic collection page. See this article.
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Thank you @Joyce for your help! I am unfortunately still not able to get this to work after following both tutorials.

When following the first tutorial, everything goes well until navigating to the next page after clicking on an item in the list. The data displayed is always the same (eg location name, etc.) even though the selectedID updates. It seems I’m not able to get to the ‘item’ level when binding data.

As for the second tutorial, I’m getting stuck at the REST API request when triggering a workflow – it doesn’t appear as an option on page load.