How do I display a specific key field in this formula

Hi, I’m new to WeWeb coming over from Bubble. Seems much better so far but I hit a little snag in the learning curve.

In a dropdown I want to display a list of Funnels that belong to a current user. In the picture below I would like the option to display the name field.

Thanks for the help!

I sthe goal to extract the name property? Position your cursor to be after the close parenthesis ) and type .name. The result should look like

lookup([block containing User['data'] etc],[block with Flywheels]).name

Thanks for the reply! Unfortunatly it doesnt seem to work, however I think there might be a bigger issue as in a bug. I had the formula working properly and then all of a sudden it stopped working.

You can see what I mean in this video:

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Thank you for the loom! I wonder if there is a timing problem as to when the collection is fetched and so the data is missing at that particular moment. Or as you say, maybe a bug. If the latter, czn you update the community on what you find?

Honestly I’m not sure if I will ever find out. I’m trying to see if its worth moving my large Bubble app to weweb but I just realized that I have to be on the $60 plan to get access to support. Otherwise I only get support through the forum, but I’ve realized that my issue is I’m running into bugs, which the forum can’t help with.

I completely understand paying for support, but at the same time when I’m running into bugs on the first day, I’m not going to fork out $60 just to see whether its an anomaly or a regular occurrence. They should be providing support, at least through email, even if its only for a trial period.

Pretty disappointed because WeWeb looked great up until now.