Hey I am Maxime, WeWeb enthusiast

Hey everybody, I am Maxime, a digital enthusiast, and new WeWeb user.

I’m from Paris, grew up in Nîmes south of :fr:, lived in :brazil: and currently living in Barcelona :es:

I’ve started creating WordPress websites a few years ago and hated it (spending hours using my FTP to change PHP and CSS code :skull::gun:, website going offline, CSS beaking for no reason, etc.)

Then I discovered Webflow 3 years ago and immediately enjoyed it for the ease of visual development :muscle:. I finally could center a div easily :partying_face:
But the tool still has a lot of basic problems (multilanguage management, CMS management, etc.) so I tested WeWeb since last week and I am thinking of moving my projects there! Hope I will be able to share some soon.

In my free time, I enjoy going to the beach, reading self-improvement, startups, and biography books.
I also love Netflix, cooking, and having tapas with :beers: and friends. :metal:


Hey man :wave:

Thrilled to see you here!

Which book are you reading right now?

Thanks Quentin!

Currently I’m (re)reading 0 to 1 by Peter Thiel, and discovering Tribes by Seth Godin :ok_hand:

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Zero to one is such a classic :ok_hand:

Tribes was really cool too! Did you read Purple Cow by Godin too?

Not yet, but it’s the next one on the list :wink:

Wow you just name the full list of why I’m also trying to move to Weweb man!

Also used WordPress and Webflow and had the same issues. Glad to find a tool that is this powerful yet easy to use!

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