Help - Page with Autocomplete Text Box that connects to Google Sheets

I want to build a college search tool where the data source would be a google sheet (which we will cache in WeWeb) with 5k rows and just two fields: College Name and College Page URL.

This app will have an autocomplete field where the college name would be typed and the matching list would shrink depending on the input (whether the text is is the beginning, end or middle of the college name). The name should also have a link (or a link next to it where they are taken to the college page).

I am still very new to WeWeb and I am learning how to use it so I would be grateful for any help and resources in terms of connecting to the Google Sheet and connecting it to the Autocomplete form.

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Hi. Would you be open to using another service other than google Sheets?

This can be done, but depending on your level of expertise, it will be more difficult than using AirTable, which has a built in integration with WeWeb.

If you want to use Google Sheets, you will need to access it through the Google Sheets Rest API.

Here is the link to get started with Google Sheets API: Sheets API  |  Google Developers

Everything you want to do is possible with WeWeb.

First, set up your google sheets API in Google Sheets,
2) create a Rest API collection in WeWeb
3) Utilize this rest API in the autocomplete element
4) Style/organize how you would like with your link.

I’d recommend the following tutorials to get started:

I believe that WeWeb has Google Sheets integration on their roadmap, but if not, you can add it as a feature request it at this link: Make a Request | WeWeb