Hello I want to build an clinic operation with weweb+xano

Hello, my name is Franky and I am a chinese medicine herbalist, not even an IT person, but I build an online Chinese Medicine clinic operation on Wordpress ( https://www.whcmed.com) in order to run my business. This wordpress site is made of plugins with lots of issues. My clinic may be one of the most popular herbal clinic in UK, so I have more staff and patients now. but I am still doing a lot of manual data entry to carrier, collecting payment with email, filing forms repeatedly, manual book keeping everyday. I hope to streamline and automate the business better so I wish to build a 2.0 version of the clinic system. It is not easy to outsource the project because of the complexity so I am making it on my own at this moment. Actually I did try to outsource before but the design house just wish to fit me in their template which doesn’t really work in reality. If someone is interested and confident in this project, please email me admin@whcmed.com

I have tried using bubble but I wish to use Xano as the backend for scaling and I find bubble quite painful to use despite I am already familiar their logic, not to mention the speed. Then I find weweb and I hope I can build the clinic operation successfully here.

The clinic os involves appointment, intake forms, health record, prescription, invoicing, payment, integration with carriers, inventory, tele-medicine(waiting chat room to give meeting link), pharmacy… it doesn’t seem easy. I have most of the datatable ready in Xano and hopefully I can build the frontend and logic successfully with weweb. Or is weweb the way I really should try?

I have a bit struggling between using various webapp like calendly, typeform, some crm tools or just building everything plain and simple on weweb. I think I cannot build elegant solution like those webapp. However, integrating 3rd parties webapp involve higher complexity. So now, I am still trying to build the functions while the design elegance is less a concern. Is this the right way to go for a less technical novice like me?

Nice to meet you guys. Back to no-coding now. Cheers~

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@whcmeduk Hi Franky! Thank you for being here. We can certainly help you with your project. There is a lot to discuss (write) about; probably best if we set up a call and discuss your use case. Please book a time and day that works best for you here: Calendly - Slavo Pastor.

Hi Franky, just sent you an email. Cheers!