Formula help (array treated a string)

Hi WeWeb community, I’m having a difficult time with one particular formula.

Here is the formula—


And here is the corresponding JavaScript—

return wwFormulas.values(wwFormulas.pick(,"dob","last_name"))

My goal is to use an array variable in the place of "dob","city" so I can add or remove keys via other functions and workflows.

Things I’ve tried

Array variable of ["dob","city"]
Text variable of "last_name","dob"

Every time I get the error 0: undefined.

From what I can decipher, it looks like the core problem is that the formula isn’t detecting that the array is actually an array. Instead, it looks like the array is converted to a string. Here, for example, it seems the values as dob,city as one key and not separate keys.

Screen Shot 2022-10-15 at 12.12.57 PM

Does anyone have a suggestion for achieving the desired functionality? Is some sort of JavaScript loop needed?

Update: I got it with some custom JS!