Formula for not showing image

Can anyone run me through what formula I would need to ‘show image’ if there is one, but not show the container if there isn’t?


Hi Jordan :wave: Great question!

So you will want to go on the parent container of the image, i.e. the flexbox you want to NOT show when there’s no image.

Then, you’ll want to bind the display setting of that flexbox to a formula that says:

  • if image exists
  • then, display the container
  • otherwise, don’t display the container

In our example, the image we bound is called “Photo 1” in the Airtable collection we’re using but depending on how your data is structured and named, that first argument in the formula will be different :slight_smile:

Here’s how I did it live. Apologies for the poor image quality, my internet connection is acting up today :confused:

Does that help?

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Amazing, thank you so much! I knew there would be a way. That makes total sense, works a charm. Thanks

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