Filtering a table based on a related field with search bar

I’ve created a table to showcase all the invoices that I am storing in a postgres table named project_invoices. I’m attempting to create an omni-search bar to help users easily find the invoice they’re looking for, however I’ve run into two issues:

  1. One of the columns I want to search is a project_name which lives in a different collection (projects). To display the project_name in the table, I’m using the below javascript which works great:
// Access the project_id from
const projectId =['project_id'];

// Access the project data from
const projectData = collections['27b5e82c-27a4-41db-a259-5ce904666332']?.['data'];

// Find the project with the matching id
const project = projectData.find(project => === projectId);

// Return the project name if a matching project is found, otherwise return an empty string
const projectName = project ? : '';

return projectName;

However, when I go to filter the collection list, I’m unable to filter based on project_name, and instead need to use project_id which isn’t as useful for a user-facing filter. Any ideas?

  1. Similarly, I store the invoice amount in cents in the database, but I display it in dollars using this no-code formula:

Is there any magic I can do to get the omni-search bar to filter based on the dollar amount, or will I need some sort of low/high filtering to get that done?