Filter Array by Array?

I have a collection with an array field. For example, imagine Record A has a “numbers” field with [1,2,3], and Record B has a “numbers” field with [4,5,6].

Let’s say I want to filter this collection using a multiselect element. So, I want to display records with “numbers” fields that contain the same numbers as those selected in the multiselect element. So, if I include [1,4] in the multiselect element, both Records A and B would display. If I include [1,2] in the multiselect element, only Record A should display.

Is there any way to currently accomplish this?

I think you can just do this with a standard filter, using contains.

So, set up your collection, with the filter on it, where “collection-field-to-sort” CONTAINS, whatever is in the multi select.

I’m not in front of my computer right now, but I’m pretty sure the filter will search through the array for that value.