Fetch specific Xano data via Weweb collection Builder

Helloooooo everyone,

I’m looking to fetch specific data from the Xano API using the Weweb Collection Builder.

I tried different unsuccessful ways to make it happen.

Let’s say my endpoint looks like this : https://xano_endpoint/user/{user_id}

Here it’s how I was imagining calling it using the Weweb Collection Builder :

But using this strategy my request looks like this: https://xano_endpoint/user/{user_id}?user_id=2

And this makes the Xano API very unhappy :slight_smile:.

Instead, I think the API expects to receive something more like this : https://xano_endpoint/user/2

Does anyone know how to formulate a similar request using the Weweb Collection Builder please?

Thank you very much ! :speech_balloon:


Hi @lighthama ,
you need to bind the url using the plug button.
Then, you will create a string by concatenating your different value.

Your formula will look like concatenate("https://xano_endpoint/user/", user_id)


Super @aurelie !

Thank you very much, it’s working like a charm.

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