Error : In page anchor linking

Hello, trying to put in-page navigation my pages that are showing details of a list item, and the logic is simple, define an #anchor as a link. Detailpages has cid’s as they have to be shareable.

Page addresses are like this…

Page addresses become like this when try to anchor link to an item in the page

Anchor is added to the wrong location, it has to be after the parameter.

There are no options to change link type to an anchor, it has to be a pageURL, which is I believe is the problem…

I believe this is a bug or lack of ability on WeWeb’s side, but I am curious if anyone has a solution.

Hi Yunus, we will fix some url issue in our next release (next week). I am not sure if this specific use case will be fixed, let me know next week if it’s working for you

Hi @yunus , the new release just fixed this issue :slight_smile: