Editor Improvements : no overlaps

I think editor needs to be improved a little ,
one above the others the elements that overlaps the others.
Two example :slight_smile:
1.if i put my cursor on the screen voices such as blank , slider sections
get over the UI and i can’t edit with the comfort i need , i think that label should stay aside the screen and not over , on the right or on the left ;
2.The three view , even if you can collapse a little many time it overlaps the screen i’m editing , i think this shouldn’t happen , when tree opens simply shift the screen a little on the right and decreasing the magnification of the main screen

then , we need zoom and dragging on the main screen , if a tree opens and still overlap the screen i simply can’t drag the screen a little on the right using the space better and we need devices to see how the app will look on a iphone , Galaxy etc

last we need a live link to share the app , maybe with a Qr code and making try as it is to our stakeholders.

Thanks for your attention ( i would like to post this in feature request but i cannot )