Dynamically loaded pages and shared context

Hi All,

I’ve recently been looking at different ways to pass information between pages which contain dynamic content. In some of my previous projects, the information would typically be passed as part of the URL → example.com/cats?type=cool. That way the backend knows what to load.

For the current project, I am using Xano and the video/tutorial suggests that a lot of the information between pages is stored as part of the variables in the local storage, but I am a bit apprehensive about that approach.

So would love to hear this community’s views on best practices.

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Yes, I pass this information like you mention above in the querystring. ?foo=bar&ding=dong.

I suppose you could also store the data into local variables. That would be kind of cool.



So let’s say you have a button and you want to change your page that will show the information based on a GET API call using a certain id, how does your workflow look, if you don’t mind me asking?

Never mind, just realised I am asking a silly thing. One just uses parameters in the change page action


If anyone comes across the post and is guessing how to extract the values from the URL root, I recommend using the built-in query variables and the system will extract the information from the URL automatically. However, there is a more extended discussion here: