Dynamic Item Page Issue

I have a product listing page (dynamic with query) that shows suggested products at the bottom. When I click those links, I want to load the product page again with the new data.

I’m trying to use a workflow, but the Change Page action does not reload the page. I also tried to fetch the new data and move to the top of the page, but scrollIntoView does not seem to work on iOS!

Here is the site using scrollIntoView, works on everything except iOS currently:

Is there a recommended solution? Is the dynamic page URL fix almost ready? @Joyce @Mael

Maybe some way to use custom javascript to reload? I tried, but it reloads the entire editor which is a mess.

Is the only problem that you can’t scroll correctly on iOS? Ie. if you solved for that problem, does everything else work?

That can be accomplished with some JS.

Yes, everything else works ok for now. Just need to move to top of the page on iOS as part of a workflow. How would you suggest I set that up?

how are you using scrollIntoView?

scrollIntoView(true) and scrollIntoView(false) work in safari scrollIntoView | Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc. You can add smooth scrolling with some css: html{ scroll-behavior: smooth;}

Another option is to load a polyfill.

I think I had document.getElementById(“nav”).scrollIntoView(true);

That didn’t seem to work in my workflow on iOS. This morning I tried window.scrollTo(0, 0); and that works

Now just trying to solve images cropped incorrectly in Safari (iOS and Mac):