Dropdpwn selection is not updating after editing

I use this dropdown selector for the first time.
When I add options and change initial name → nothing happens, after page refresh as well.

Screenshot 2022-06-26 at 20.16.47

My fist thought is that This might have something to do with page/project language selection.

Are you selecting a different language on the page?

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Ive set Ukrainian (not english) as 1 language of the project. I ve deleted English. Havent seen any notes that I shouldnt do that…

Seem to be true - I checked on another clean project with English and it works.

Now I removed Ukrainain and added English

Many of my TEXT FIELDS reverted to default text! :woozy_face:
Need to fix it now.

Issue with component Dropdown Select hasnt fixes even I re-add it.

Any ideas how can I fix my project?

FIXED :tada:

Was hard to figure out that have to add language to page
Screenshot 2022-06-26 at 22.08.34

Thank you for helping on Sunday :pray:


Oh! That’s great feedback! Thanks for letting us know @Anna.fae.

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