Dropdown text is aligning to the right

Hi WeWeb community.

We have a dropdown selector form option and for some reason the alignment is showing aligned-right no matter what we do.

Within the WW editor and preview, the alignment looks fine:

But when we push it, it’s aligned right:

Hi @forgelab, we are already aware of this issue, we will fix it soon, sorry about that :slight_smile:


Hi @Mael, just checking in if your team was able to work on the fix. I am having the same issue in dropdowns.


Hi, it should be fixed this week or next week

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thank you @Mael . no extreme pressure from us on this. for now, we’ve just hidden that particular question from our form. @hsatl perhaps that helps you as well if you’re needing to go live in meantime.

@forgelab unfortunately I have multiple dropdowns sprinkled throughout the app :pensive:

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It should be fixed :slight_smile: