Display/bind files from upload element

I would like to display the file names from the upload element.

I try to do this with binding the the results of the file upload element to a collection.

However, this doesnt work because the results of the upload element are not a collection. They include the length and another item. See below.

How can I do this?

Screen Shot 2022-05-11 at 2.49.48 PM

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Hi @kevinwasie :wave:

For some reason I can’t test this right now but you might use no-code formulas like createArray, removeByIndex or omit.

Or you could add an action to the workflow to change an array variable with the result from the previous action like I did here:

Thank you @Joyce

Option 2 won’t work because I want to display these files before they are uploaded.

I’m having difficulty with the formulas. I’ve tried every combination that I can think of.

Is it possible that the object formulas don’t work on [object file]?

Screen Shot 2022-05-15 at 9.42.00 AM

Even if I do values(item.data) it shows as just an object file still.

It appears that the files are stored in an object, with key/value pairs, initially, instead of an array?

So, I use createArray, but that then leaves me with an object that I cannot use the object formulas on.

Thanks for any help…


Ah, I was able to access it in JS. But, not in NoCode.

In JS: “return context.item.data.name” to access file name.

It’s a file object, so anything here should work: File - Web APIs | MDN

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Nicely done @kevinwasie!

Yes, it seems the explorer was not recognizing the File type properly. The team looked into it. The fix should be pushed to production this week.


Hi @kevinwasie, Are you able to check File Size before the upload.
I want to validate file size in Work Flow before its uploaded.
@Joyce Any ideas?

it would be good to add file size upload limit in Upload Component, unless i am missing it somewhere?

Hi @achinlalit :wave:

You could get the size of the file like this:

Screenshot 2022-06-27 at 15.59.31

And add a pass through condition so that, if it exceeds a certain size, you don’t go through with the workflow.

Here’s a short video explaining this a bit more.

Let me know if it helps. If not, I’ll record a more structured tutorial!

@Joyce Thanks a lot. This perfectly resolved my issue.

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