Display API output from Xano (in same or separate workflow)

My current set up:

  1. Retrieve input from users on front-end via form submission
  2. Add new record to Xano with user inputs
  3. Send API call to ChatGPT based on inputs
  4. Edit record created in step 1 to include output from ChatGPT

My question is:

  • How should I modify the workflow in WeWeb to return the output from the API call in step 3 (which was made in Xano)?

Ideally, they click on form submit, and then the API output would be displayed in a card (which would be displayed to the right of the form they submitted):

(form | card)

Here’s my current workflow in WeWeb (the “Output from ChatGPT API” is just a placeholder and doesn’t do anything at the moment).

If ChatGPT is returning some results on step 3, you should be able to access whatever is returned in any step after it. You should need to look for the tab with the icon :zap: which should display any previous actions results and allow you to use them.