Data not fetched on page load

Hi all,
I have defined a data collection that has Fetch this collection automatically enabled and I’ve checked that Preserve on navigation is disabled. Whenever I enter a page where the data from the collection is used I see in the logs that it is not fetched and the dynamic fields where the data should appear display NaN. But when I edit the collection definition, the data is fetched correctly. Could someone help me understand what am I doing wrong?

Thank you in advance.

Are elements using your collection conditionally displayed? You can always fetch the collection manually On page load

Hi @luka,
sorry for the delay in reply. No, elements using the collection are not displayed conditionally. I came up with an idea ot load collection manually, but I restrained from it to first understand what am I doing wrong…

Can you show me your collection settings? My best assumption would be that the collection depends on a binding that is not available at the page load

You mean this?

Yes, but with the configuration open

Here it goes

And another one showing the configuration of the filter:

The formula simply takes the company_id value from the url path parameter

Can you try putting the company id as a predefined one you know has some data? And then try again just to see if that’s the error

Ok, I’ve done this. And data from the collection is fetched and displayed in the expected component, even when I am navigating to pages of other items from the collection.

Try putting back the binding of the path and setting up a workflow on page load to fetch the collection

You can setup a workflow to fetch Data in page load. So anytime you load that page it fetches the data

It works, I’ve checked earlier. Nevertheless, I am curious why in case of this collection it has to be fetched “manually” while others work as expected out of the box. Maybe the issue will be solved over time :slight_smile: