CSS: text-overflow:Ellipsis not working

Hi. I am trying to implement text-overflow:ellipsis for my project but couldn’t figure it out. I have tried everything in this thread but still can’t do it. Can someone help?

can you give us more detail about what you want to achieve?

I want the text to show ‘…’ in the end when overflow

On which type of element?

a text element. For example I have a card of product, I want the text insides to show … when it overflows

Solved. I wanted to make 3 lines of text and ellipsis, and did it by copying this style and pasting it in the custom CSS section.


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Thanks for sharing :). Overflow is a property already available on our property, so make sure you are not overriding something.
In the meantime we have added this to the wanted feature, and will probably add the option in nocode for text and button


Much thanks @aurelie :pray: :pray: