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Hello everyone,

I’m trying to do a “Continue with google” but i don’t understand the workflow… I did the preset with Xano with each endpoint (me/login/signup) and now i’m lost to do the continue with google… Can someone help me please ?

I am facing the same problem. I have setup the xano auth on weweb. And also integrated xano’s google auth apis and getting auth token. But couldn’t find a way on weweb, to apply this auth token like normal xano login api.

Is there any way or solution to implement google auth on weweb?

I believe this functionality is coming with the upcoming Xano Social Logins Feature that many of us are waiting for. I tried to implement this manually, but unsuccessfully, so you may be best off waiting for them to release this feature.

Hello there!
I hope you have finished Google’s side settings

  1. Make an empty page in Weweb ( for example …/google_auth)
  2. Make workflow which runs API Get request to https://{{}}/oauth/google/init with a query string “redirect url” from step 1.
  3. Next you will get a response from Xano with a link generated by Google auth process
  4. Next run a custom JS and open this link in a new window.
  5. After Google login process you will be redirected to an empty page from the step 1.
  6. Make variable ?code and ?redirect_uri in Weweb
  7. On empty page run workflow On page load with the Google continue API Get request https://{{}}/oauth/google/continue with vars from step 6
  8. Next you will get response with a token. You need to run JS which set up token as Xano Auth Token in Weweb and store token in the cookies.
    9 Next Fetch user

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