Communication with data coming from websocket

I have the need to communicate with some services that are not available through REST API but through Websockets.
I need to create graphics and show options that are updated all the time and are available via websocket (wss). Is it possible to establish such communication?

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Hello @jeanrito :wave:

At the moment we don’t have a websocket plugin so it would not be possible unfortunately :confused:

I have added your question to our list of feature requests to be discussed with the product team.

Hey Jean,

We’re exploring the Websocket plugin you requested.

Could you tell us a bit more about how you connect to your websocket backend? Is it a custom implementation or are you using services/libraries like or Pusher?

in other frontends I use it with
An example stream I use:
wss:// and wss://

I still don’t use anything with push, but it will be a necessity later on. For now, what would make me use weweb would be the migration of these stream services.

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Awesome! That’s definitely something we can look into.

I’ve added info about your specific use case to user research and will discuss with the team in our roadmap meeting tomorrow.

Not sure if we’ll be able to prioritize but I’ll keep you posted when I know more :slight_smile:


Thought I would add an update on web sockets in case anyone else is looking for a similar feature.

We now have a native Supabase integration. If you are using Supabase as a data source, you can enable real time tables in Supabase and add those tables as Collections in WeWeb.

Great if you need to build a live chat or notification system for example.

More about WeWeb’s Supabase data source plugin here.
More about Supabase real time tables here.

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