Can't interact with certain elements in HTML tree or bind to element

I am trying to create an activity/task element that shows a list activities. I’m using dummy data quickly put together in Xano but I have 3 activity records here.

I am binding the activities collection to the div_task_content. Each activity has user who created the task, so I have another GET on page load to load the task data associated with the user who created the task.

However, I am now unable to interact with the elements outside & under the header inside div_task_content. I can’t delete the element or bind to it. I can change CSS properties, but the elements appear to also be hidden. Screenshot below.

Any suggestions?

(another question, what if there are multiple users that have created activities… how do I look up the data for multiple users, or in other words use the userIDs of activities to pull in the related User name’s to display)

Hi @avm, when you bind a list of items to a container, the first child element of that container will be repeated as many times as you have items in the list that you bound on the parent element.

It’s important that you have only one child element inside that parent container with the list (in your case div_task_content). In that child element, you could have multiple children.

In your example, you could have:

  • a parent container for your list of tasks, let’s call it tasks – you would bind your list of item there
  • a child container where you’re planning to display all the info of each task, let’s call it task_content – that container will appear only once in the HTML but appear as many times as there are items in your list of tasks on the page
  • children containers and elements with the information you want to display, for example a header container with a text and due date and a details container with a description and assignee

I hope that helps!

Here’s a video that explains more about binding lists of items and displaying individual items on a page.

thanks for the clarification :+1:

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