Bug or misunderstanding? Text element on mobile only showing partial text

I have a text element within a collection item that, if left untouched while in mobile view (editor and preview), is only showing 2 lines of text, of 9 total.

When I double-click the text in a collection item to edit it, it expands to show the full paragraph and stays that way (desired display) - text elements in other collection items are unaffected.

This extends into the preview mode as well. For text elements I have double-clicked on in the editor to get them to expand, they show correctly. For those that I haven’t, they only show the two lines.

The height of the div the text box is sitting in is set to auto. And when I double click to get the text to show, the div height properly expands with it.

I thought it might be an “overflow” setting thing, so tried setting that to “Visible” but it didn’t change anything.

Is this a bug or am I misunderstanding a feature of some sort here? Currently I’m having to go through each collection item and double-clicking the text element to get it to show the full text properly.

Before double-clicking:


After double-clicking:


Do you have any height specified on this element or its parents?

Turns out it was indeed user error :slight_smile:

While the immediate parent div did not have a height specified, it was sitting within a container that had a height ratio (incorrectly) defined that was impacting my text.

Thanks for checking in, @aurelie

Perfect, happy to know this is fixed for you :slight_smile: