<body> background

So I’m still getting used to some of the Weweb conventions, and from what I can tell there’s no element in the DOM tree, correct? I ask because I’d like to set a background color for the entire canvas but it seems as though I can only drop in , and set those backgrounds, Which means if I have 10 sections, I have to set the background color 10 times, versus just setting it once on the body and getting inherited.

Does that make sense? Am I thinking about this wrong?

You can do this in the custom css in the head/body in the settings. Or just place a HTML block with the style tag and add css for body.

I think the most wrong architecture is not following the default or semantics of HTML and CSS.
The elements are limited and “outdated”.
WeWeb needs to restructure to follow the same architecture on the market, which is flexible and good maintenance.

Add the body element on page.

Absolutely agreed :slight_smile: But it’s tough to refactor this

Refactoring is not easy if the system is builded a long ago, but there exists a way to change gradually.

Would be great if we were able to put sections into a div, so we at least could have a page wrapper

This actually goes against the web. Sections usually are the outermost element I guess.

No, I don’t think so. You can wrap sections in a div. It‘s not against web standards.

You are right indeed, I wasn’t sure. Anyway, yeah, I also have a topic somewhere in the forum, with the page wrappers, as I’m for example using a horizontal align, and for now, you can only do vertical order of sections without custom hacks.

Yes, this should definitely be improved.