Avatar Starter Kit - How to change number

How can I change these numbers dynamically?


  1. Go to Badge page
  2. Select the Count component
  3. Click Edit on top right
  4. Add a new Value property
  5. Bind the number value to this property

After this you should be able to handle this

Thank you for responding to me…
I included a new property: value. However, it doesn’t change the value of the badge. Why?
Captura de Tela 2024-06-11 às 08.18.02

You need to bind that property value to the number element inside the badge

Could you tell me how to do this, please? I’m new here.

  1. Go and click on the ‘Badge’ component
  2. Select the ‘Number’ element inside of it and go to the Settings tab
  3. Click on the plug icon next to the Value field and then you will find your value property

I suggest you try creating a basic component yourself if you’re a beginner first to see the concepts and how they work