Animation, beta?

Hey there, i found in the WeWeb Starter Kit project the Badges (dots) which are animated, but i can’t find the settings for the animation. Can i join any beta program to test the function? @Joyce

Thanks a lot!

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We will try to release it to everyone this month :slight_smile:


Hey Alexis,

Any predictions for release?

Hi, it’s unsure. The current feature did not reach the user experience we wanted and so we’re in discussion if we choose te release it partially or wait a little bit.

For a small feedback, would be cool to have on the timeline something like Webflow (choose animation like Fade In with parameter) and choose another keyframe at 50% with parameter etc until 100% or just 0% and 100%
but transition i see that it can be done, but seem that using code snippet seems better option (?)

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Hi @Alexis, just curious, is this based on Vue’s transition component?

Hi, it’s not transition, it’s animation, it’s basically an editor to build your own css animation but in a nocode way.

I see. Is there currently any way we can wrap elements with the <transition> tag? I imagine it would add a lot of value if we could create animations/transitions with v-enter-from, v-leave-to etc.

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I’m pretty sure it’s somewhere on our - never ending - backlog, but you can try to suggest it on to push it ! :slight_smile:

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Will do! Thanks!

Hi @Alexis

Do you have new ETA on this feature ?

And what’s the exact scope ? Only CSS animations ?

We’re currently deciding to create coded components to integrate GSAP with Weweb, but depending on the scope of your feature it will be overlaping, so need your answer to take our decision on that.

Thanks for your reply !

Not planned before September, we prioritised many others subjects and we still have to design a new implementation for CSS animation as we was not happy with the previous one.