Aligning rows across columns

Hi all,

I was wondering, is there a way to align rows across two columns, so that the items on the left and right side are on the same “line”. For example in the picture below, it would be great if the treats and owners text shifted to their respective line as the tube stations are breaking the styling.

Fixing to minimum height is not exactly a great solution either as all the elements in the right column are loaded dynamically, so there is no way to predict how many of them there will be.

@TrendiMike yes definitely…

How do you have that set up right now. You can take a screenshot of your navigation pane….

The simpler solution is to just use a container to wrap around the columns that you have.

So, drag a container to the page, then drag the column container into that.

Thanks @kevinwasie . I’ve moved the columns element into the container, but the rows issue is persisting. Have a look at the screenshot below

You need the row at the place where you want everything aligned. In your case, each of the columns should be in a separate row.


Thanks @kevinwasie !

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