Xano collection BUG

Today I have added new collection and somethings strange is happening with its data.
ID of record becomes an array, but it is integer not array on backend

I get filtered users from Xano and on backend response looks like this:

When I add new collection with this Get endopint to WeWeb it also returns Integer as ID

BUT! after I try to use it in my screens and reload I got ID changed to array!

When i add collection from scratch this happens again after reload data. And this happens with the only one collection (which returns users), other works fine. Wierd.

After re-adding collection, issue temporary disappeared. I have renamed collection on backend, changed data etc.

Later after reloading data in WeWeb Issue appears again. Have no idea how to fix.

It returns each time some new data: ID =0 , or ID is an array or it adds new rows to this obj…

Hi @Anna.fae, I will look into this for you. Could you send me a private message with a link to your project please?