Telephone input

Hi, is it possible to disable character input in the Telephone input field?

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You can just change the input type to number/integer.

Or, you can use JavaScript regex formula. See this post: Phone input mask


Hi @Walds :wave:

The option is not available in the Telephone input field at this stage. I’ve added your feedback to our user research so the product team can review it.

In the meantime, I like @kevinwasie’s proposed solutions! :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone! Thank you for your feedback and solutions. Sharing the solution that I’ve implemented to disable any letter input in my phone input. I created an on-change workflow for the phone input then change variable value. Here’s the JS code

return variables[/* telephone - value */ ‘2bd90969-02dd-43df-8521-4d6158c8bc17-value’].replace(/[a-z]/gi, “”);

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Thanks so much for sharing @Walds! Really appreciate it :blush: