Server response logic

Hello, sorry for maybe basic question. Is there a way to create logic upon a server response? I’m kinda sure that must be somewhere there but I couldn’t find it in the editor or tutorials.

Sample use case:
Let’s say I got a functionality where I let users report dead links. Every time a user reports a dead link, the counter on a server is incremented and for every such request, the server responds with this counter’s results. Once the counter gets to 10 and the user’s browser gets this response I want the user’s browser to automatically send DEL to a server to delete a link from a DB.

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I’m not sure of no code way… but you could easily do this with custom javascript in a workflow.

  1. set up a link that a user clicks when they want to report the dead link
  2. in the workflow panel, create trigger, On Link Click
  3. Do whatever you need to send info to your server. Probably a rest api.
  4. Have that api send a response of the link-id and the boolean to delete the link or not
  5. Create another action with Custom Javascript, and write javascript to delete the link with the id from step 4. You can use the result from step 4 in your javascript.


@kevinwasie answer seems to do the trick :muscle:

This is partially doable by getting back the result from a previous workflow action into the next (for the API call here).

It becomes available if you test the previous action and get a result, like so :point_down:

But to check if the result is 10, you’ll need branching, which we’re currently working on to let you do Integromat-like workflows with complex scenarios.

I’ll keep you updated when it’s live!