Login with authToken (MagicLink)

@kevinwasie This would be really helpful :nerd_face:


FYI, added the following to our list of user suggestions for the product team to review: Auth improvement: add the action “Set cookie” + add the action “Login with Auth Token”

We also be adding it to our public roadmap and registering your upvotes so no action needed on your part :wink:

Anything else you think might be useful @kevinwasie, @Cedric, @caffeinatedwes?


Thank you, Joyce!

The set cookie action and the login with auth token action are the biggest, but it might be nice if there was a way to auth manually (ex. enter your auth token") instead of having to trigger the back-end logic and magic link emails every time. I often find myself sending myself a lot of these magic link emails and switching the redirect link (in Xano) between the editor site and my testing site.


Hi, I am also voting for the “Login with auth token” action to use passwortless auth.

@kevinwasie I tried your JS solution, but did not get it to work. I realised that you use “variables” but WeWeb gives me “pluginVariables” at this point. Here is the code anything I am missing?

pluginVariables[/* xanoAuth accessToken */ 'f5856 .... c64e1']['accessToken'] = context.workflow['d56a. ....  27a47'].result['data']['auth'];

window.vm.config.globalProperties.$cookie.setCookie("ww-auth-access-token", context.workflow['d56a. .....  7a47'].result['data']['auth']);

The code runs successful and uses the auth token which I receive from my xano request with magic link.

So even that the code thows no error, the auth token of the current user in the Xano Plugin is not updated. Am I missing something?

Now realised that the user and token gets updated when I reload the page, but only then.

If I am just changing the page with a change page action the accesstoken in the editor is not updated.

@Soenke Did you get it to work?

The variables and cookie are being updated right away with that code. However, this is static, so the system will not sync with your Xano database unless you then tell it to do so.

The reason it is updating when you load the page again is because you are then calling some sort of user request on the Xano database.

If you want to try updating the user right away, after you set those variable, use a Fetch User action. I think this will be what you are looking for.

Let me know if that helps.

@kevinwasie I tried it with a fetch user action after the scripts, but it returns an error as the fetch user action seems not to use the token I received from magic_login.

Here is the workflow.

Hmm. That should be working. After you run the HACK: Update Xano Plugin, check to see that the XanoPlugin AccesssToken was set. Did it get set?

The fetch user will use that AccessToken.

If that is not the problem, then expand the response in the error so we can see what that says.

Unfortunately the accessToken in the Editor Panel is not updated. (Only after page refresh).

Console.log says that pluginVariable stores the accessToken, but it is not updated in the editor panel and also not used by the Xano Plugin…

The Fetch Action returns the typical Xano Response “Unsupported Input” which is returned if the Token is missing in the request.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-11 um 17.07.24

Just saw in your first post that in the plugin code the last line is this. Have you added that to the Script and what is the string key there?

wwLib.wwVariable.updateValue(" what comes here ? ", authToken);

Sorry for the delayed reply. Was on vacation …

Can you take a screenshot of your code and paste it here.

The .updateValue is coming from the plugin source files. You do not need that here.

This should be all that you need:

variables[/* xanoAuth accessToken */ 'f58 ... 4e1-accessToken'] = context.workflow['536 ... c8f6'].result['auth_token']

window.vm.config.globalProperties.$cookie.setCookie("ww-auth-access-token", context.workflow['536 ... c8f6'].result['auth_token']);

Hi @kevinwasie I found the bug. :smile:

When adding the accesstoken variable via editor to the script it gives me this:

pluginVariables[/* xanoAuth accessToken */ 'f585. ...  4e1']['accessToken'] 

I saw in your code that you declared it like this:

variables[/* xanoAuth accessToken */ 'f585 ... 64e1-accessToken']

Changed it by hand e voila, it works finally. So good to have this resolved… :wink:

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Hi @Soenke , im having the same problems with you when Fetch User data. It also doesnt update the Xano auth tokens in the editor.

maybe i missed a step. can you help me on this?

Hi @cbpcanda could you share your code snippet here? I imagine you jumped into the same pitfall as I did.

sure thing. So my first workflow is the api call for logging in user magic_link_token

then after that, i successfullt get the auth_tokens but wont sync with the weweb editor or in theXano Auth plugin.

This is the “hack” posted in this thread.

Thanks for this everyone, especially @kevinwasie :blush: I was able to get the javascript to successfully set the token in the plugin.

However I’m facing an error upon running the fetch user action. Wondering if anyone else ran into this.

After running the JS, I see the token properly set:

When I then run the Fetch User action I receive this 400:

Additionally, after the fetch user action fails, the token variable gets nulled out:


P.S. I’m actually not doing this for the sake of magic link - I’m doing it because the actual xano login action appears to be broken so I’ve resorted to using a request action to hit my login endpoint

False alarm! Was a small misconfiguration in my get/me endpoint. Fixed and now have the plugin fully populated with user data.

Many thanks!

Can you give another try with the xano auth social login as you fixed your endpoint configuration ?

noob question.

Where do I find the id for the context.workflow reference?

Hi, you can use the custom javascript action, click on the result variable, it will add it on your javascript function

But you can use any action requiring a formula and turn on the javascript mode for the same result.

Thank you @Alexis! I knew it was going to be something simple that I overlooked.

Appreciate the help. :raised_hands: